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The famous-in-Kenya one...

Juicy Fruit asked us to make something for Kenya that "kids would sing in the playground". We created a monster.


This weird little film has 8.5 million views on YouTube. There are fan videos, hate videos and one person said we should be arrested (It was @hamzaabdi8600). It got talked about more than any of our award-winning work and I don't quite know how to take that.

Creative team: Hannah Roe & Lucy Pennock
Creative Director: Ruby Norman Curran
Director: Morgan Dingle
Production Companies: Your Girlfriend & Say Thank You

Screenshot 2024-02-05 at 20.44.13.png
Screenshot 2024-02-05 at 20.10.49.png
Screenshot 2024-02-05 at 20.05.47.png
Screenshot 2024-02-05 at 20.08.35.png
Screenshot 2024-02-05 at 20.12.59.png
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