Spam for Equality!

The #EqualParents Pledge

As a board member of SheSays - an award-winning global network organization focused on the engagement, education and advancement of women in the creative industries - Ruby worked with Joyce Kremer to create the #EqualParents Pledge for International Women's Day 2020.

Businesses love to shout about International Women’s Day but when it’s over, nothing changes. We wanted to create something that was going to stick, something that could make a real difference. So we asked people to “spam” their boss.

Yeah. Spam.


Each time someone nominated their boss on our website, we sent one anonymous request to said boss for a fairer parental leave policy. The more people nominate, the more that boss got spammed.

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"Did you say IWD2020?" Reactive Twitter campaign

It’s a light-hearted take on a subject with serious implications; if we want to eradicate sex discrimination in the workplace, the place to start is our parental leave policies. How can we expect to avoid conscious and unconscious gender bias when we treat mothers and fathers so differently? When men start to be viewed by businesses as potential baby-making “liabilities” too, that playing field is going to level.


By equalising parental leave we address stereotypes that caring for children is women’s work and normalise dads who want to stay at home, which in turn will reduce the gender pay gap, help address the so-called “mummy tax”, and stop discrimination against women of childbearing age. 

AND you get to spam your boss. C'mon, who hasn't wanted to do that? And they can't say anything about it CAUSE IT'S FOR EQUALITY. Get spammin' at



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