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The Fever Dream Journal

Whilst discussing prophetic dreams, literature, and the occult, author Gary Lachman encouraged Ruby to start writing a dream journal (Listen to her podcast BURST to hear the full story on that one, it gets pretty crazy). The dreams took an intense turn as the world slipped into a pandemic, and she began to wonder... were the dreams being affected by the pandemic too? 

Fever dreams.

How far did it go? Was everyone experiencing this? She had to know.

The Fever Dream Journal is the resulting project, a collaboration between author Adam Attley and Ruby Norman-Curran. Part archive, part journal, part dream catcher the site records people's dreams during the time of Coronavirus, and uses the themes and images that come out of the world's collected dreams to inspire an original writing project. A real journal and a fictional one, side by side.

Visit for strange and vivid dreams.


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